Astros is the beauty of nature, harmonious and alive. It is the essential, the most precious, the most subtle. It is the sunlight, the star, the radiance, providing instant well-being and harmony.


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Absolu, Amour & Aventure : 3 rosé wines for 3 moments of eternity. Uncover the first organic cuvees from our estate.

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Astros may be experienced, felt and shared. Explore this unique place where the beauty of Architecture and Nature give meaning to the current moment.

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2 lands, the same alchemy. Astros welcomes and matures its parcels with optimal balance. The diversity and richness of the soils and grape varieties, as well as the Mediterranean climate tempered by the proximity of the Argens’river are ingredients to a promising nectar. All of these, combined with the respectful hand of Men, create the magic of Astros wines. Gentle methods have always been favoured in order to let Nature speak, to enable the growth of the finest fruit and its best expression, and with it, all the richness of its terroir.

The summer event

Guinguettes at Château d’Astros


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Discover all the highlights in the life of Château d’Astros.

An extr[ASTROS]dinary summer 

An extr[ASTROS]dinary summer 

Summer is coming and in order to make it both magical and unforgettable, the Château d'Astros offers you several wine tourism experiences in a magical place, always full of Provencal emotions.From May to October, discover our entire agenda.  OUR EVENTS ASTROS, A...

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Astros Odyssey : Trade Shows 2023

Astros Odyssey : Trade Shows 2023

Ready to be savoured, the 2022 vintage will be presented at various trade fairs in the first quarter of this year and its 500,000 bottles will be distributed worldwide in 2023.

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Best Wishes 2023

Best Wishes 2023

The whole Maurel family, as well as the Astros team, would like to thank you warmly for this year at our side: Thank you for your trust, loyalty and for all the great projects of 2022.

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