Our terroir & expertise

Wine grower’s spirit

A sense of balance

The estate has always favoured gentle methods in order to let Nature speak, to let the fruit express itself freely, as well as all the richness of its terroir and climate.


Two lands, one alchemy

Eight centuries of vine culture do not lie. On the Astros’ lands, Nature’s blessings are concentrated to create exceptional wines. From the generous sun through to the cleansing power of the wind, all the combined elements enable the terroir to express itself as genuinely as possible to guarantee the greatest fruit’s finesse. The diversity of its soils contributes as well : on the one hand, a rich alluvial soil producing light, fruity and fresh wines, and on the other hand, a limestone rocky medium, in which the vines bury their roots, bringing aromatic concentration and complexity to the wines. This richness and diversity give Astros wines their aromas and intensity.


Respectful craft

Many grape varieties spread over the 198 acres of vines on the estate such as Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Rolle, Caladoc, Carignan…

The grape has always been the focus of attention: every practice is precise and measured, from pruning to harvesting, and aims to follow the natural cycle. The rhythm of the fruit prevails in order to obtain its most beautiful expression in the wines.


The harvest

The harvest takes place when the moon is at its zenith. For almost a month, the coolness of the night helps to preserve aromas and flavours for beautiful rosés.

Discreet, the men carry as many precious loads; amethysts, garnets and topazes under the moon’s rays. Variety by variety, the magic happens, taking into account the composition and fragility of each berry.

A humble alchemy

Let Nature speaks

The two oenologists, Laure Habasque and Jérôme Paquette, share the same conviction. Great wines come from the work in the vineyard. The fruit reveals itself in the bottle, demonstrating all the richness of its terroir.

The true mission of the winegrower consists in receiving the grapes, lovingly crafting them to create a fair, bright and aromatic wine. This passion for the best, the simple, the fair expresses the soul and the specificity of Astros wines.


Our organic wines

Fresh and light rosés or more complex and aromatic ones. All bearing the Astros signature – balance, softness and harmony.

Vin biologique provence


The signature wine of Château d’Astros, a chiselled and pure Côtes-de-Provence.

Vin biologique provence


The purity of a rough diamond & the precision of a finely-cut gemstone.

Vin biologique provence


An intense freshness in this spontaneous and expressive wine.

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