A never-ending story

8 centuries of History

Chateau Astros’ history unfolds like an epic saga. It’s tells the tale of Provence throught Templar Knights, Renaissance’s spirit and Marseille bourgeoisie.

13th century

Birth of the estate

Although we can find Roman remains on the estate, Astros was truly founded in the 13th century. Templar Knights settled on this fertile plain of the Argens to establish a Templar farmhouse.

They cultivated this land until the eradication of the Order by Philippe Le Bel in 1314. The domain of Astros thus passed into the hands of the Knights of Malta who perpetuated the work of the Templars.


Commandery & first cellar

In the 17th century, the initial farm was transformed into a Commandery by the Knights of Malta. They also built the very first cellar at Astros in 1637. The stones of Astros constitute an historical chronicle of the passion of men for these lands, home to vines, cereal crops, olive trees, fig trees and cattle. It was not just a place to live but also a place to pray. Indeed, Astros has always hosted numerous religious edifices. The most recent, the Chapel of St. Lambert, built in the 17th century, is home to a miraculous spring with healing properties.

1802 – 1860

Foundation of Château Astros

The estate became national property during the Revolution and it was not until 1802 that the estate fell back into the public domain. Maximin Martin, a wealthy soap maker from Marseille, then acquired the land of Astros. His grandson, Marc Maximin Martin, a keen admirer of Italian art, built a magnificent Château inspired by Tuscan villas in 1860. He passed on the Astros estate to the grandson of his first cousin Joseph Maurel.


Modernizing the estate

The current owner, Bernard Maurel, gave a fresh impetus to the estate in 1963. He planted new grape varieties and built a new cellar near the Château to produce his first AOC Côtes-de-Provence in 1970. The estate, whose main product was red wine, then specialised in the production of rosé wines.


Organic farming & the new generation

Nowadays, Bruno Maurel, a priest at the Jean-Joseph Allemand youth institute in Marseille, represents the 8th generation and manages the family business, assisted by his nephews and nieces. 2021 is a decisive year for Château d’Astros as it marks the beginning of the estate’s transition to organic farming. This conversion was initiated three years ago and reflects the family’s deep commitments and convictions. A family passionate and dedicated to this land that wants to share it with the world.


Our historical monuments

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