Historical lands

A Provencal heritage

Since the 13th century, life, has chosen to establish itself in these lands , on the banks of the Argens, as have the vines. Many historical monuments line the property, witnesses of different times and periods.

ART & celebration

Château d’Astros

Freely inspired by the palaces in Tuscany, the Château d’Astros was built in 1860 by a keen admirer of the Italian Renaissance. Sumptuous decorations are hidden behind its stately frontage and its imposing columns: a gigantic dome representing the 12 astrological signs of Zodiac, an inlaid marble stairwell and many lavishly decorated salons. The beauty of this castle is enhanced in every colour scheme, noble material and attention to detail. The Château can be seen as a celebration of the talent and sensitivity of Italian artists and local craftsmen. A unique place in Provence designed for art and celebration.

The soul of the estate

Templar Commandery

The Templar commandery is the soul of the estate, housing in one wing the original 13th century farmhouse. Erected as a Templar Commandery, its walls contain the first Astros cellar, dating from the 17th century. It is a superb building, both mysterious and cosy, which inspires well-being and serenity. Its terrace offers a breathtaking view of the vineyards and the aqueduct.

Miraculous spring

Saint Lambert Chapel

The Chapel is a great place of devotion because of the spring that it shelters,famous for its curative virtues. It was built after the passage of Saint Lambert, bishop of Bauduen. According to legend, he was cured of an incurable skin disease after bathing in the spring. The Chapel still stays there, hosting the events of the Maurel family and opening its doors to the people of Vidauban, once a year, to celebrate the Pentecost Mass.

Water, source of life


Two aqueducts in local sandstone were built, in 1824. Their mission : carrying water from the Argens river, throughout the estate. These stately constructions speak volumes about the importance of water in Astros. Indeed, along history, water has always been a key element in the development of the vineyard and the crops. Even today, the water of the canal is precious as it shelters certain tected species such as endemic crayfish and Hermann tortoises.


4 seasons statues

In a small clearing, the silhouette of the Château d’Astros can be seen through the half-light of the foliage. It used to be a former summer garden in the 19th century. 4 delicate statues, representing the four seasons surround the remains of a fountain. Marc Maximin Martin pays tribute to the cycle of the seasons, giving rhythm to the joys and sorrows of vine growing.

A never-enging story

8 centuries of History

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