Walks through the vineyard

Explore the estate and discover the magic of the legendary lands of Astros. A bucolic, dreamlike and artistic escape to discover a unique heritage in Provence. On the estate, architecture and nature are one and the same. We offer 3 free access marked trails during opening hours. Let yourself be inspired by the majesty of the hundred-year-old trees, the warmth of the ancestral stones of the Templar commandery, the majesty of the aqueducts and immerse yourself in the sentience of the living Nature.

Reminder: during the low season, the estate is closed on Sundays. Our trails are closed. Beware, wild boars’ hunts are regularly organised. It is therefore necessary to report to the cellar and to respect the marked roads.

Useful infos

Information for hikers

Astros is a vast estate of 1680 acres. To ensure your safety and help us protect this unique heritage in Provence, we ask you to respect the following instructions.


Only visitors allowed to walk around the estate will be the ones reporting to our cellar.

Follow the trail

For your own safety, do not stray from the marked trails and respect the “Private Property” signs.

Preserve the estate

The nearby spectacular surrounding nature and historical heritage. Make sure you leave no trace of your visit.


The trails are free access and open only during our shop’s opening hours.

Please respect

The golden rules of hiking

The Domaine d’Astros is a private, preserved and agricultural site. In order to enjoy a walk in the wilderness, we ask you to respect the environment and the work performed by our teams. Astros is a place full of poetry and history. small actions of each and every one of us contribute to preserving the nature and beauty of our estate. Before walking on the estate, please read the internal regulations for wine trails.


Our different roads

Trails for all ages, accessible during our shop’s opening hours. The departure is exclusively from our wine cella.

The “Deffenson” Road

35 minutes, easy path

A walk through the estate’s forest and the park of Château d’Astros

Deffenson’s hilltop

1h15, steep march

A panoramic view of Vidauban, the park and the entire Astros estate

The Chapel Road

1h45, a slight drop

A walk to discover all our historical monuments

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