Nature’s beauty

Welcome to Château d’Astros

Century-old monuments, acres of farmland, forest, river and the beauty of the world. Discover the secrets of this remarkable estate.

Natural History

Nature & Heritage

The Château d’Astros is a 1680 acres estate, full of poetry and history. Here, Art and Nature mingle in the most magic ways. Centuries-old stones and timeless Nature. A fascinating place both majestic and humble. A never aging place that is meant to last. A joyful place, proud of its legacy, that seize the day.

A never ending story

9 generations

Astros is a truly story of Love. A family history with an only mission : Passing on the estate and its wine passion, each generation adding to that legacy.

Childwood memories

Le Château de ma mère

Several films were shot at Château d’Astros, including Yves Robert’s famous “Château de ma Mère” in 1990. After the plane trees path, imposing lions statues watch over the property and seem to await the return of Joseph, Augustine and the children.

Le “Château de ma Mère” is a magical Provencal tale. A cinematographic masterpiece that triggers instantly memories through generations. Astros and Pagnol, two Provençal gems conveying the same imaginary world: the beauty of Nature, happy childhood days, the gentle Southern life and family holidays.

Histoire d’ancrage

Our cultural heritage

Bearing witness to different eras and times, different historical monuments mark out the Astros estate.

Château d’Astros

An Italian-inspired castle built for Art and Celebration

Templar Commanderie

A sober and mysterious farmhouse founded in the 13th century

Saint Lambert Chapel

A sacred place to welcome, soothe and contemplate

Cultivating balance

Organic farming

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