Organic farming

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An ode to Nature

1680 acres of wild and preserved nature, filled with light, an enchanting land where life is paramount. Welcome to Château d’Astros. Bienvenue au Château d’Astros.

From earth to heaven

A special place for nature

The Astros Estate, surrounded by the Argens river, is a true Provencal microcosm. Air, water, earth, light, plants and vines all interact to celebrate life and the beauty of the world. Astros is a vast expanse of forests and plains, home to an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. The majestic century-old trees, the azure-feathered rollers, the honeybees and the Hermann turtles all live together to form an harmonious community. Each living creature plays an essential role in maintaining this exceptional ecosystem of the Var. Humility, fairness and harmony; such is the DNA of Astros.

The craft of balance

Sustainable viticulture

« There have always been vines in Astros ».For centuries, the Astros vineyard has been able to adapt to the climatic, historical, economic and social context, thus making it one of the most sustainable vineyards in Provence. Loving wine is above all loving the grape. Caring for it, supporting it, preserving it. It means encouraging a variety of wildlife, which all contribute in their own way to releasing the vital energy in the soil. This respect for the fruit and the cycles of Nature, combined with the skills of the men, make the aromatic, pure and ample wines of Astros.

An organic shift

Orchards in conversion

Since the 1980s, the orchards have been open to the public for local harvesting, in a short circuit. Passionate about local products, the Astros orchards are committed to the quality of their apples and to respecting the environment. Since 2017, the orchards are in the process of converting to organic farming and will obtain the label in 2022.

Green commitment

Our eco-labels

The Château d’Astros is committed to being good stewards of the land and endeavors to protect the earth for future generations by adhering to sustainable practices now.


Protection of the environment, biodiversity and animal welfare – recognised since 1991 by the EU


Environmental excellence in biodiversity and low input dependency


Organic farming certification program committed to the promotion of sustainable practices


Protection of endemic habitats and species representative of European biodiversity


Our organic wines

Fresh and light rosés or more complex and aromatic ones. All bearing the Astros signature – balance, softness and harmony.

Vin biologique provence


An intense freshness in this spontaneous and expressive wine.

Vin biologique provence


The purity of a rough diamond & the precision of a finely-cut gemstone.

Vin biologique provence


Le vin signature du Château d’Astros, un Côtes-de-Provence ciselé et pur.


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