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The hiking golden rules on the Domaine d’Astros.

The Domaine d’Astros is a private, preserved and agricultural site. In order to enjoy a walk in the wilderness, we ask you to respect the environment and the work performed by our teams.

Let’s stay on the right track!

There are several options available to you:

– 3 marked hiking trails are freely available during our opening hours. A map is available on request at the shop or by email at These paths are accessible to all, even families. Outside our opening hours, the estate is closed to the public.

– A 35-hectare plain of agricultural land is open to you with restricted access (please refer to the signs at the entrance). The departure is at the apple gate, close to the main gate of the Château.

Walking paths cross different lands: cultivated farmland and the natural home of many animals and plants. By crossing fields, vegetation is trampled, animal habitats are threatened, and agricultural work can be impeded. Please respect the environment by staying on the authorized trails.

The other trails are reserved for Astros staff only and are not accessible to the public (including the path blocked by a rock pile).

– The trails are not accessible to motorised vehicles. Exhaust fumes and engine noise will disturb local wildlife and cars may get stuck. Please use the parking lot at the entrance to the estate, which is provided at the start of the hikes, and report to our shop before you leave.

On the plain, parking in front of the large Astros gate is not allowed.

– We welcome all faithful companions: however, they can be a threat to wild animals. Please respect the wildlife, other walkers and our staff by keeping dogs on a leash.

Let’s keep this magical place together!

Astros is a place full of poetry and history:  small actions of each and every one of us contribute to preserving the nature and beauty of our estate.

– The Astros estate is dotted with numerous historical monuments. It is important to preserve this cultural heritage, to marvel without walking, climbing or writing on the buildings. (Commanderie Templière, Aqueducts, Chapel Saint-Lambert, Walls… Etc.)

– The tasting spot at the Chapel is reserved for guided tours. No picnicking is allowed at this spot. Tables and benches are available in the summer season for picnics in front of our shop.

– Biodiversity is important to us all: Let’s avoid littering on the paths.

We must systematically collect our rubbish and provide a “bin” space in our rucksacks.

– We have all seen in 2021 the ravages of fire on our ecosystem: Let’s not start fires or throw cigarette butts on the paths.

– Astros is a privileged ecosystem: each element plays an essential role in the natural cycle. Woods enrich the soil, are the habitat of many insects and/or predators for pests; many pollinators feed on the nectar of flowers, and allow the flowers to reproduce… It is therefore forbidden to pick up plants, woods. Instead of picking them, let’s have fun recognising them!

– The underground chapel (grotte St Michel) is forbidden to the public by the Conservatoire d’espaces naturels Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. It is home to a population of protected bats, and there is a high risk of cave-ins. Let’s preserve this species which is essential in the fight against parasites… but also against mosquitoes!

It is also forbidden to cross the Entraygues natural bridge, which was badly damaged during the various floods (for safety reasons).

For the well-being of all, we kindly ask you to respect these rules and do not hesitate to share them. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 04 94 99 73 00 or on

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