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Presenting our new organic wines

2021 marks such a turning point in the history of the estate. After 3 years of organic conversion, Château d’Astros is proud to present its very first organic vintage. 3 “A” wines for 3 moments of eternity. Astros must be lived, felt and shared. Aventure, Amour & Absolu, three cuvées that express the range of emotions lived at Astros. One sip can create a moment of eternity that lasts forever.

3 wines, one signature.

Aventure d’Astros is la joie de vivre, long walks in the forest, tree houses and good laughs. A colourful, rich and and vibrant life, full of discoveries and energy. A wine that embodies this life, thanks to its freedom in winemaking and its wide grape varieties.

Amour by Astros is a collection of shared memories: family holidays, large dinner parties, epic festivities. The Cuvée Amour celebrates all kind of human relationships. It is a tale of encounters, shared moments, and complicity. A signature cuvée, harmonious and powerful, with a true personality.

Absolu d’Astros is about suspended time that brings infinite well-being and soothes. A moment of harmony. Made from the most beautiful parcels of Astros, it is a true work of finesse and purity.

Astros is the fulness of these moments.

2020 Vintage, the organic transition.

This new range is the culmination of the estate’s commitment to ecology, with an organic certified 2020 vintage. Much more than a label, it is a recognition of one of the founding values of Château d’Astros: respect for life and biodiversity. Favouring gentle methods daily, from the vineyard to the cellar. Supporting nature, welcoming its treasures; sublimating it without artifice.

For several years now, Château d’Astros has been committed to sustainable development. Numerous eco-responsible measures have been implemented to preserve this precious natural jewel : reduction of our water consumption, minimal use of inputs, implementation of natural alternative measures to fight against diseases and respect for biodiversity.

Humility, a fair balance, such is the DNA of Astros.

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