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New logo, new brand identity

To accompany the conversion to organic, Astros is changing its brand identity. A new logo, a redesigned Château and new bottles. Come and discover our world.

The choice of a signature logo

A new logo, which far from being a break with the old one, is in line with the continuity of Astros’ history. A singular calligraphy that is refined to gain in harmony, balance and elegance.

A characteristic and recognisable line that reveals the personality of the brand and affirms the name Astros. A handwritten treaty through which we feel a human energy, irregular but true and noble.

A specific and recognised signature, like the artist who authenticates his work.

A redesigned Château

The Château d’Astros has also been redesigned by the talented Audrey Apruzzese (founder of Dessin de Ville). This young woman from Lyon enjoys enhancing architecture and heritage through poetic and pure illustrations. She retraces with precision the lines of this Italian-inspired castle, while keeping a light and elegant touch. Her artistic vision: to translate the essential, to signify what makes each building unique. “What gives me pleasure is what my drawing will trigger in people. A memory, an emotion. By telling a building, you tell a story.”

With its turrets, its columns representing the three orders of architecture and its majestic staircase, the Château d’Astros is a true demonstration of architecture. It is with blue ink that she offers us her reading of this work of heritage, all in freshness and minimalism.

New bottles, new labels

The 2020 vintage is adorned with a new bottle with fluid and slender shapes in the image of the new brand identity.

A tailor-made, proprietary bottle with only a lifeline running through it, symbolising the family heritage and the transmission of a passion. A crystalline bottle that gives pride of place to the rosé and the expression of its terroir. Finally, an iconic shape reminiscent of Burgundy bottles while retaining the finesse and elegance of Provencal bottles.

The labels reflect the purity and quality of these exceptional rosés. The names of the vintages are inscribed in hot gilded stick letters. The illustrations are discreet, of a rare finesse, giving free rein to our imagination. Sobriety, beauty and harmony emerge.

Anchor and family motto

On the bottom of the bottle is the family motto: Nec timeo, nec spero, “Neither fear nor despise”. Balance as the central point of the Astros philosophy. The right balance, the permanent search for harmony, discretion and simplicity; this is the spirit perpetuated by the Martin Maurel family for 9 generations now.

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