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Diversity & heritage, the DNA of Astros

More than 800 years old, Astros distils its heritage secrets over the centuries.

An immersion in a Provencal fresco. Once past the monumental wrought iron gate, a fairytale-like castle emerges in this Provencal setting, under the song of the cicadas and the scent of the pine trees. A true Pyrenean landscape, which makes Yves Robert’s choice to use this setting as Château de Ma Mère an obvious one.

The wind rustling in the hundred-year-old pines, the sun playing through the foliage, the cry of a roller in the distance: Astros reveals itself. To discover the secrets of this property, it is the trail of a name that must be followed. “Astros” seems to be linked to the stars and the stars, which give rhythm to the work in the vineyard. But this name is more probably a Provençal derivation of the name given to these woods in the Middle Ages; or of the original property of the Commander, called “Des Trous”. A tribute to Provence, which has therefore endured for 8 centuries.

A legendary land where the miraculous spring of the Chapelle Saint Lambert springs up, near the Roman road. The vestiges of an era engraved in the stone, roosters and peasants who remind you that for thousands of years men have lived and worked the land of Astros.

From the chapel, you must walk along the first aqueduct and the canal, which carry the precious water from the Entraigues spring to the heart of the vineyards.

Then cross a second aqueduct from one side to the other, with a view of the Templar commandery, a building that already existed in the 12th century, the perfect circle of hundred-year-old plane trees and the vines, meadows and sheep before their transhumance to the Alps. The tour of the Deffenson, a hill planted with pines and old oaks, leads you to the “new” castle… over 150 years old.

The path stops at the cellar, which shares the full extent of the ancestral know-how: a sip of wine and a new journey awaits us, aromas, flavours that mingle but also a deep emotion, a sensitivity that plunges us back into a moment of eternity.

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