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Best Wishes 2023

The years come and go but they are not the same…

After the frightful frosts of 2021, the spring of 2022 is being closely scrutinised. But nature reminds us of its versatile character, blowing hot and cold.

2022 will be a particularly hot and dry year, marked by a historic earliness.
The beginning of the campaign is settling in serenely with a spring full of promise, the inflorescences blooming in mid-May in beautiful conditions.
With warm temperatures, the veraison began in mid-July and lasted until mid-August, promising beautiful sun-drenched berries.
Mid-August, the rain, at last! Too rare this season, it brings freshness and delays the beginning of a particularly early harvest by a few days.
The first plots were harvested on the night of August 21st to 22nd, under good conditions.
In spite of the hydric stress and a year that will be remembered for its drought, the yields remained correct, our young vines compensating for the small yields of certain parcels.

In the cellar, the fermentations reveal some beautiful things, especially on our beloved Caladocs and Mourvèdres, which do not disappoint and perfume the cellar with their fresh and Provencal bouquet.

28 days of harvesting, 448 tons of perfectly ripe grapes, 3200 hl of must: the result is promising and the magic of the blends is on, shaping organic wines that are all tender, deliciously fresh, aromatic and above all deeply characteristic of this Mediterranean terroir.

Last year, we told you about our commitment to sustainable development and to reducing our impact on the environment. In 2022, we have continued to practice organic farming, in the vineyards as well as the orchards; and we have put into practice our resolution to create a sustainable world in our daily lives through actions in our offices, facilities, and workshops dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and our waste by recycling more.

Synonymous with celebration, the castle has been restored to its former glory with a renovated façade, dazzling for the 2022 event season. And what a season it was! The summer nights vibrated to the rhythm of concerts, unusual dinners, tasting workshops and dance parties, perpetuating the Astros values of sharing and conviviality.

The eighth and ninth generations of the Maurel family, who with passion and determination have breathed new life into the whole estate, will continue to develop this cultural jewel of their heritage in the future.

At the end of this year, the whole team is finalising the last details before the international trade fairs in the first quarter of 2023, both in terms of our exceptional wines and the whole identity that surrounds them.

The whole Maurel family, as well as the Astros team, would like to thank you warmly for this year at our side: Thank you for your trust, loyalty and for all the great projects of 2022.

In 2023, let’s keep the pace! The year has some nice surprises in store for us…

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