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2023: a year of stark contrasts

The seasons come and go in Provence, each bringing its own set of differences. This is where the true richness of our terroir lies, nestled in a blessed natural site surrounded by the Argens River. The craft of winemaking, one of the most demanding in the world, finds its home here, where Nature can perform veritable “little” miracles.

Particularly striking are the pronounced climatic variations of recent years:

In 2021, an icy spring with frosts that hit French vineyards like few others, largely sparing our organic vines, followed by a warm, magnificent summer.

In 2022, a mild, late spring, followed by a record summer in terms of temperatures, and a very sunny autumn.

After a particularly mild, dry winter, 2023 is no exception to the rule of sharp contrasts.

A very dry, sunny spring, with no major frosts and milder-than-normal temperatures, led to early budburst.

But in May, a radical turnaround took place over an entire month. We recorded twice as much rain as normal during flowering, with 125 mm in June! The vines grew relentlessly, ripening dragged on, the plots became inaccessible with the rain… and mildew appeared in June, reminding us of the difficult vintage of 2018.
Fortunately, the team remained vigilant and reactive, and managed to protect most of the vineyard.

From the end of June, the Mediterranean summer returned: dry, windy and hot… very hot. Temperatures rise sharply, but the nights remain cool, favoring optimal ripening of the grapes, gorged with sun and light. Veraison started late, but was expressly triggered by the hot weather. We monitor and adapt to prepare for the harvest.

Under the effect of sun, wind and temperature variations, the water in the berries evaporates, allowing the concentration of sugars, acids and flavors. The 2023 vintage takes shape, perfecting itself, revealing a magnificent treasure!

The harvest began on August 18, with 3 weeks of night work to protect the crop from the extremely high temperatures of late summer. We had to sacrifice some grapes damaged by mildew to keep only the very best, and obtain aromatic, tasty juices of impeccable quality.

Then began the meticulous work in the cellar, carried out serenely, with beautiful fermentations, and the culmination of the long journey of this 2023 vintage: blending in November. A sincere blend, far removed from technological wines, offering yet again this year a whirlwind of exquisite flavors and beautiful freshness.

As in the vineyard, it was observation of the vats that enabled us to work with precision to sublimate this magnificent gift from Nature.

Intensely 2023.

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